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The restaurant opened in the latest 1960 in Zanardelli street , at the corner of IV November Street, with the name of "trattoria La Morina", nom de guerre with which the owner of the building is known from all, Mrs. Genny Pucci. The trattoria, a building with little tables and a small room used as a kitchen, was always full and in a very few time it was not more sufficient to receive the more and more numerous guests. Therefore after eight years of activity without the minimal pause, in 1968 the first important change arrives. The building was moved more ahead of little meters towards the sea, always in Zanardelli street, and takes the name of "RESTAURANT GENNY ".To the side of Mrs. Morina arrives her son Urano together with his wife Franca.. With them the job leavens of day in day and as Urano says in the book "God Appetite to Versilia": "... we widened the largeness of the building by adding a covered "veranda" and we thought to give life to one variety of appetizers that allowed us to make the kitchen breathe in the preparation of first and second dishes. It was a success!. I believe that the good name of the restaurant has to thank a lot this idea. Moreover we thought that if the guest begins a meal in a great way, he has the right to end it in a better one. Thanks to that, our search and the particular study to prepare a long series of dessert.
In the 2005 the last change came. The hotel/restaurant was completely restructured: valuable marble, structures in reinforced concrete with external doors in crystal, furnishing of a fine elegance

and indicated for a modern and newest construction; the largeness increased until 150 sits , the name changed in MIRAGE. To help Urano and Franca, after that Mrs. Morina has been withdrawn from the stoves, arrived the daughter Laura, in kitchen with her mother, and her husband Roberto working in dining room as a waiter together with Urano, continuing therefore the tradition that wants the Mirage as a Restaurant with familiar management, with a simple and home made way of cooking but always projected to new tastes and aromas. The restaurant has got a great red and white wine wine's cellar and in continuous modernization based on the requirements of the customers.
The artists of the show business and the sports stars have made of our restaurant their point of meeting, cause they prefer our kitchen and the serenity of our restaurant to the crowded atmospheres to which they are accustoms to. All this is documented in the books of edge of the restaurant.
This is an adventure of 43 years old!

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